Ms. Myra Dobreva

Founder of Global English Learner


Ms. Myra Dobreva is the founder of Global English Learner. She has a passion for facilitating global communication. Her TESOL Certification and a Master’s degree in Linguistics have given her the platform to teach others how best to communicate their thoughts and ideas in English. Her experience in teaching at Berlitz Language Center in Chicago , Illinois in the US has helped her to develop professionally by learning new skills, strategies and techniques along with traveling to East Asia. She has lived and worked in South Korea via the TALK program, teaching in Korean Public schools for several years.

Customer Reviews:

What People Say About Me!

“I am an opera singer and I needed to improve my English for work and travel. Ms. Myra taught me how to speak better in a very enjoyable way. Now I am confident about my skills.”

— Sandra Lee

“Ms. Myra helped me prepare for my high school exams as well as TOEFL. I am glad I can communicate with everyone today.”

— Ashley Kim

“ It has been fun learning English with Ms. Myra and I thank her for my exams and success. She is a great teacher.”